About safaimages

SAFA IMAGES is a Gaza- based photo-journalism agency, serves numerous of interested of the Palestinian issue by reflecting the daily life suffering. SAFA IMAGES sets the standard for adapting imaging messages - between languages and across countries. SAFA IMAGES meet successfully the demand of fully digital imaging industry by providing your request of news, sport, daily life and entertainment images to be applied in your desktop. SAFA IMAGES has a platform allows quick online access to up-to-date images selection to match your story. SAFA IMAGES believes our pristine surroundings help keep us aware of the need for well soulful and meaningful photos. SAFA IMAGES aims to broaden its experience and satisfy even most demanding clients. SAFA IMAGES is also the first choice among photo editors and picture researchers who demand the hottest images in a hot spot area. Can't find exactly what you are looking for? Call our 24-hour line and our sales assistants will be glad to provide a level of customer service. CONTACT US desk@safaimages.com Cell phone" +(972)599 425645